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Facing Problem With You Surface Laptops

You may get superior answers and services in a short amount of time by making a single phone call.

We put exceptional services at your door thanks to the power of remote access, on-site help, free pick-up, and delivery.

Our service network includes Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Lucknow, and several more locations. We provide you the opportunity to select the time and place that best suits your needs.

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Facing Problem With You Surface Laptops

You may get superior answers and services in a short amount of time by making a single phone call.

We put exceptional services at your door thanks to the power of remote access, on-site help, free pick-up, and delivery.

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The Microsoft Surface is a very handy and portable device that frequently has water damage and shattered displays. Nearly every kind of Microsoft Surface Pro damage has been seen by the Microsoft surface service center near me, professional experts, and they can usually fix it to get it working again. 

There is no better source for Microsoft Surface repair than our quick turnaround and professional service, especially when you take into account that we only use OEM components and provide a guarantee on our parts and labor.

Screen replacement is one of the most popular Microsoft Surface repair requests. As a result, we always have a supply of screen and LCD parts. This makes it feasible for us to offer the fastest service possible—often in less than 24 hours. Of course, we provide much more than just damage-related repairs. We also correct both small and significant internal issues.

There is no better option for Microsoft Surface repairs than our Microsoft service center India, which offers a limited lifetime guarantee on all components and labor used in your repair along with quick turnaround and skilled service.

We invite you to use our Free Pick & Drop service or drop off your Microsoft Surface at our Microsoft surface pro repair shop near me. We are not frightened to attempt any task!

The following Surface Pro devices may be repaired and serviced with our assistance:

  • Services for Microsoft Surface Go repairs
  • Services for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 repairs
  • Services for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 repairs
  • Services for Microsoft Surface 3 repairs
  • Services for Microsoft Surface Pro 2 repairs
  • Services for Microsoft Surface 2 repairs
  • Services for Microsoft Surface
  • Services for Microsoft Surface Book 2 Repair
  • Services for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 repairs


You may completely rely on the Microsoft surface service center near me if you want Microsoft Surface Surface Pro repair services. You will always get high-quality service and reasonable prices at Microsoft surface repair India, even if repair rates will vary depending on the kind of damage to your Microsoft Surface tablet. For a free estimate on your Microsoft Surface Surface Pro repair, get in contact with us right now.

What will the price be at the Microsoft service center Near me?

You may completely rely on the Microsoft support center if you want Microsoft Surface Surface Pro repair services. Regardless of the sort of damage to your Microsoft Surface tablet, the Microsoft service center Near me will always provide you with high-quality service at a reasonable cost. For a free estimate on your Microsoft Surface Surface Pro repair, get in contact with us right now. Check the following list for Microsoft surface pro screen repair costs;

  • Microsoft Surface tablet screen repair – 4500 INR to 6500 INR
  • Microsoft surface pro 2 screen repair – 6000 INR to 8000 INR
  • Microsoft repair surface pro 3 screen – 18000 INR to 20000 INR
  • Microsoft surface pro 4 screen repair – 7000 INR to 9000 INR
  • Microsoft surface pro 6 screen repair – 19000 INR to 21000 INR
  • Microsoft surface pro 7 screen repair – 10000 INR to 12000 INR
  • Microsoft surface book repair – 8400 INR to 10400 INR
  • Microsoft surface go repair – 2500 INR to 4000 INR
  • Microsoft surface go screen repair – 19000 INR to 21000 INR
  • Microsoft surface book 2 repair – 4500 INR to 6500 INR

MSSC: Microsoft Surface Service Center Near me

We specialize in servicing Microsoft Surface products that have lost their warranty.

Visit one of our India-based Microsoft surface pro service centers. We are open from 10 am to 8 pm every day of the year, including federal holidays. Our service engineers are committed to completing projects quickly, expertly, and satisfactorily.

Microsoft surface pro service center

There are no justifications for the problems you are having with your Microsoft Surface since the Microsoft surface pro service center is here to help. We quickly identify the mistake and pinpoint the problem with your device. The reasons must be addressed before the device can be repaired, so it cannot impact any other components of the computer. The Microsoft service center Near me will repair your Microsoft Surface in such a way that you won’t experience the same issue with it again. Here, you may get Microsoft service for Microsoft Pro for a lower service fee. Microsoft service specialists are available at any time.

Our Microsoft Surface Services → 

  1. Microsoft surface laptop screen repair
  2. A different Microsoft Surface battery
  3. Microsoft discloses a software problem
  4. Motherboard repair for the Microsoft Surface
  5. Repair and replace all hardware with Microsoft Surface
  6. Microsoft Surface keyboard repair
  7. Microsoft surface charger repair


The first generation 2-in-1 detachable Surface Pro is expertly designed. The computer was equipped with a 64-bit version of Windows 8 Pro, which could be upgraded for free to Windows 8.1 Pro and eventually Windows 10 in the future. The first Surface hybrid tablet, which was released on the same day as the Surface, contains many of the same design elements. All versions of the Microsoft Surface Pro, including the Surface Pro 2, Surface Pro 4, and others, occasionally have technical problems that unquestionably call for repair or replacement. Find the top MS Surface Pro support services to get a device that works smoothly and effectively.

We provide the following services for fixing MS Surface Pro:

  • Data Restoration
  • Broken or Shattered Screen Water Spilled Damage
  • Unable to detect a USB cable
  • Battery replacement because of inadequate charging
  • touchscreen not working
  • Circuit board Repair/replacement
  • Suitable Installation in the Office
  • Hard drive replacement or repair
  • Original Surface running Windows Pro inability to upgrade
  • Wireless or wired network troubles and the stylus pen
  • No ambient light sensor is working
  • Internet and email-connected setups

Contact the Microsoft service center India for assistance 9711917960.

There is a staff of highly certified, experienced, and talented technicians on hand that know how to manage things. The information that has been provided in support of MS Surface is adequate to enable you to successfully repair the Surface Pro. If you have any questions in the future, you may connect to a dependable and well-organized staff by calling our Microsoft 24/7 support number 9711917960 and receive instant assistance by using the MS Surface Pro Repair Service on your device. You merely need to pick up the phone and give a call right away if you think your MS Surface needs to be repaired or replaced. Our Microsoft service center address mainly belongs to Delhi, scroll down below for your nearby Microsoft service center address. 

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Microsoft surface repair near me | Microsoft surface pro 3 repair near me | Microsoft surface pro screen repair

Touch-screen laptops are a step in Microsoft’s development of interactive whiteboards, which it also built and designed. There are hybrid tablets, a convertible desktop, a 2-in-1 detachable laptop, and a variety of accessories, each with its own special development elements. No matter how advanced a Microsoft device you got, sooner or later you need to search for a Microsoft surface repair center near me, if you’re looking for it now to repair Microsoft surface pro our center is the best catch you got. Microsoft Surface pro 4 repair near me offers the best Microsoft surface laptop repair cost to our customer yet we only offer our services for void warranty Microsoft device however our Microsoft surface repair cost never gonna shake your pocket out. Microsoft surface pro 7 repair shop near me knows the value of your money hereby we offer 30 days post warranty services along with free pickup and drop services. 

Surface Pro is the first-generation device. It is an improved version of the Windows 8 Pro operating system that initially ran the 64-bit version. Microsoft was introduced on June 18, 2018, however on February 9, 2013, the name was changed to Surface Pro. Later, it went under the name of Windows RT. Surface Pro models from the first four generations can run Windows 10. The Surface Pro 4 has RAM ranging from 4GB to 16GB. Everything is dependent on the setup and Intel Skylake dual-core CPU.

The Microsoft Surface Pro is a useful tool for your job. It continually goes through the renewal procedure starting on the day of release. Businesses depend on it since it’s dependable for a variety of helpful jobs, but more shockingly, it’s difficult to fix these gadgets. Fixing them is still an option, though. Microsoft provides their own center across India. You can simply find them by typing in google “Microsoft surface pro repair near me”. Our microsoft center is an independent service provider for microsoft devices across india. To look for us either dial our Microsoft surface repair near me number or schedule our services through the website.

Repairing Damage at Microsoft surface pro repair shop near me

Although the Microsoft Surface is a portable device, it will be harmed if it is dropped. However, don’t stress about the repair because Microsoft surface repair Mumbai is here to resolve your issues. Microsoft surface pro repair near me knowledgeable staff assists you whether the gadget requires a battery replacement or screen repair.

We fix the following Microsoft models: Surface Book Repair, Surface Book 2 Repair, Surface RT Repair, Surface RT 2 Repair, Surface Pro Repair, Surface Pro 2 Repair, Surface Pro 3 Repair, Surface Pro 4 Repair, Surface Pro 5 2017 Repair, Surface Pro 6 Repair, Surface Pro 7 Repair, Surface Pro X Repair. In actuality, Microsoft Surface PRO may experience a number of difficult complications. It’s important to take into account several important issues including charging ports, cameras, and ear speakers. Visit Microsoft surface pro repair shop near me for a fix. Our experts employ authentic components with 100% recovery and provide a variety of gadgets.

Microsoft surface repair near me: However, Surface Pro may have some major issues that render them useless. But we are here to fix all of these issues. The typical problems include:

Touchpad Problem

The following user concerns are frequent:

  • The pad is too sluggish, or the touch cover is broken.
  • The keyboard is inoperative.
Broken screen problem

The screen being broken or damaged is another problem. Its connected problems include:

  • Unresponsive or hazy display
  • LCD display colors have dull lines.
Replacement batteries and battery issues
  • Overheating might cause the battery to deteriorate or sustain harm. Dead batteries or batteries that won’t charge at all are typical battery problems.
  • It soon depletes or stops charging altogether.
Replaced speakers
  • Additionally, there is a chance that the Surface PRO’s speaker will malfunction and stop producing sound. Additionally, you must use headphones for hearing, which is rather annoying. It must be resolved.

Why Do You Choose Microsoft Surface pro service center?

  • Simple, dependable, and services
  • The quick and immediate approach
  • Greater benefit in less time 100% Satisfaction
  • expert technical support
  • Use of cutting-edge equipment and methods Interactive customer support services

Instantaneous response

Every time you request a mobile repair, we make sure to send a qualified professional to your door the exact same day! In order to resolve the problem, we provide the quickest solutions.

No Cost Estimate

Contact our knowledgeable professionals to get a free on-site estimate. They will assess the true problem with your mobile device and offer an accurate estimate of the cost to fix it.

Professional Technician

Our company has a group of highly qualified and licensed specialists that specialize in laptop and mobile repair services. Our professionals have years of experience in the field.


For mobile and laptop repairing services, our staff of qualified specialists provides a 30-day work guarantee. You may depend on us to provide the best repair service at a reasonable price.

Microsoft Surface screen repair near me Services

Get Quality IT (Information Technology) Services from Microsoft Service Center Near me: 

  • Mobile service

Contact our Highly Skilled Technicians to arrange for a Free Onsite Estimate of the Services. We provide a Same-Day Response and back up our repair work.

  • Virus Elimination

Threats such as viruses, malware, spyware, and Trojan horses are guaranteed to be removed from your computer by our experts. We Provide the Best Virus Elimination Service at Affordable Prices.

  • Setup and maintenance of servers

Microsoft Surface screen repair near me, Technician Setup & Maintains Vital Servers with Strong Business Ethics. We pledge to attentively address Critical IT solutions in the Same Day Response.

  • Network Solutions for IT

Utilize our leading IT Network Solutions to modernize your company’s infrastructure. We provide a spot service that quickly accelerates corporate performance in order to handle the most difficult problems.

  • A yearly inspection

Microsoft support center provides industry-leading technical assistance so you can maintain the system’s peak performance. Our punctual, premium Annual Maintenance aids in device upgrades for new software versions.

Top-rated Laptop Service Center

Microsoft surface pro service center is dedicated to making the best customer service and computers. It is feasible for you to maintain. You do not have to worry for a very long period when you need to repair your laptop, PC, or MAC. handles all electronic devices, and our staff is qualified to repair both commercial and personal PCs. Your computers are home to viruses every day. Software issues and spyware programs may enter your machine swiftly. Being bombarded with technological news might be difficult. Microsoft support center specialists are available to assist you with computer upkeep. Still, they can also teach you how to guard against issues like these. Microsoft service center is situated in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and in other 18 cities of India too from where they offer quick customer service, top-notch computer upkeep, and quick turnaround. Please schedule a meeting with us if you have any questions or concerns concerning your computer system. We’ll take care of your computer’s repair requirements and make sure you understand how to keep it from crashing.

Microsoft surface service center near me computer support is quick. In 99% of situations, we really deliver on our commitment to fix the computer the same day. For computer repairs, we have fixed a fair fee. We like your open pricing philosophy. It is simple to pay. Microsoft support center offers the finest hourly cost for more complicated difficulties or fantastic repair prices for non-issue quotations.

You will find our computer repair service to be quite handy. We’ll make a free pickup for you, fix the vehicle, and come to you. so that you may bring the problem or damage to one of our locations. We do all types of computer repairs and will correct all the necessary fixes to keep the computer network in your home or place of business operating efficiently. The main distinction is that the spare components in your computers are biological. Call our Microsoft surface repair phone number 9711917960


A top-notch device repair expert is the Microsoft service center. We still offer each gadget our full attention and care despite the fact that we repair hundreds of devices each week from all across India. We will notify you when we get your item, while it is being fixed, and when it is ready to be returned since we understand how important it is to keep you informed. All of our repairs come with an ensured guarantee for further confidence. To learn more, see our Terms & Conditions.

The length of time it takes to fix your device will depend on how complicated the problem is. It could only take 30 minutes. Example: Repairing a cracked screen. maybe a week or two. Data recovery is one example.

Please CONTACT US first if you are dissatisfied with any part of the service. We take complaints extremely seriously, and we constantly work to find quick, competent solutions to any problems. Your complaint will be looked at by a senior customer care consultant, who will then get in touch with you as soon as possible. Your issue will be automatically escalated if it cannot be addressed within 24 to 48 hours.

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