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Microsoft Service center noida

Microsoft Service Center in Noida | Laptop Repair

Do you require prompt help to fix the damaged screen? Want to increase the speed of the Microsoft Surface laptop? Set up a consultation with us right away. The laptop issues will be identified and fixed in a matter of minutes. Hire our trustworthy professionals by searching for “microsoft service center Noida” Mention the technical issue you encountered when reserving our services. We will put you in touch with the expert who is most suited for the repair.

Microsoft Service center noida

An insufficient battery or a damaged system file might cause a laptop to display a black screen. An unplanned shutdown can also be caused by a defective hard disk. Avoid attempting any do-it-yourself fixes for the issue. Contact the microsoft service center in Noida instead for immediate relief.

Microsoft Service Center In Noida

Additional services are available to Maharashtra residents from the microsoft service center in Noida. Do you need to fix the broken fingerprint sensor or the broken touchpad? Book our services by searching for “Microsoft Surface repair near me.” Additionally, our experts have a wealth of experience fixing faulty hinges.

Have you seen any dark areas on the webcam? Hire our microsoft service center noida specialists. We are really skilled at mending this laptop machine. In addition, our microsoft service center in Noida specialists are capable of replacing HDDs. Call us if you wish to update the RAM. The quickest response possible from our microsoft service center in Noida is guaranteed.

Surface Pro Repair Services Noida

  • Services for audio port repairs
  • Services that fix DisplayPorts
  • Repair services for water-damaged Surface laptops
  • replacement services for USB ports
  • repair services for BIOS
  • Services that fix software

Microsoft Surface Repairing Cost?

High-quality services are provided by microsoft service center noida at affordable rates. By engaging our microsoft mobile service center in Noida specialists, you can avoid paying expensive repair costs. The price of servicing, however, may differ between Surface models. Additionally, we base the servicing rate on the severity of the laptop damage.

Service Fee for a Broken Screen Replacement

For screen repair, our Microsoft Surface repair specialist charges between INR 6000 and INR 7500. However, if you need to install a new screen, it can take longer. You may find out the estimated cost by searching “microsoft surface service center near me”

Service Fee for a Motherboard Replacement

A broken motherboard may cost between INR 4000 and INR 6,500 to replace. When reserving our microsoft surface service center near me, including the model number. We’ll show up at your door to fix the motherboard on the laptop.

Service Fee for a New Keyboard

The cost to replace a keyboard that isn’t working is between 8000 and 8500 Indian rupees. Do you merely want to replace a handful of the lost keys? Contact our microsoft surface service center near me specialist to learn how much the repair would cost.

Service Charges for Battery Replacement

The cost to replace the Surface laptop’s battery ranges from 6000 to 8000 INR. If you wish to add batteries to a Surface 4 or Surface Go, the cost can be more. So, get in touch with the professionals at our Windows laptop service center near me, and we’ll tell you how much a new battery will cost.

Service Fee for Adapter Replacement

Do you need to buy a new adapter to replace the current one? Request our microsoft service center near me in Noida. Invest between INR 5000 and INR 5,500 in a laptop adaptor that works. Within INR 2200 to INR 2800, our professionals will even repair the damaged power cables.

Replacement Service Fee for a Water-Damaged Surface

Have you ever unintentionally spilled water on a laptop? Get in touch with our microsoft laptop service center. We will effectively inspect and fix the water-damaged components. Additionally, fixing this Windows gadget would only cost between INR 5000 and INR 10,000.

Microsoft Laptop Service Providers in Noida

The most highly recommended location for the microsoft surface service center is Noida. We have been successful in working together with specialists who provide workable solutions. Additionally, our Microsoft laptop service center expert exclusively provides OEM components for Surface models. After the repair, we make sure the laptop is performing at its peak level.

Our microsoft surface service Center Noida specialists have developed a simple booking process. Additionally, our professionals are familiar with the necessary Surface laptop repairs. We provide a wide range of amenities to our customers in Noida. And for the following reasons, we rose to the top among microsoft service centers in India:

  • Experts with expertise
  • Free Delivery & Pickup
  • Responds quickly to inquiries
  • One-Stop Platform

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