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Are you having trouble with your Microsoft Surface and want to restore its functionality?

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Professional Microsoft Surface Repairs

We conduct thorough and high-quality hardware and software repairs.

Genuine Replacement Parts

We replace the damaged components of your laptop with only high-quality parts.

Skip The Visits

We offer free pickup and delivery services for your Microsoft laptop.

Trusted Microsoft Service Center In Kolkata

Along with its vibrant culture and rich history, Kolkata is home to many working professionals hustling it out. A lot of these professionals work on the incredibly versatile Microsoft Surface. While devices like these simplify our lives, it is essential to look after their health.

If your Microsoft Surface is not living up to its full potential, we give you the best Microsoft service center in Kolkata. With a team of experienced technicians, we tackle numerous hardware and software issues your laptop may be experiencing. From hardware repairs to component replacements, we do our best to make your laptop as good as it was when you bought it from the store!

Microsoft Service Center In Kolkata

Why Choose Our Laptop Service Center In Kolkata?

Modern Diagnostic Tools

Our laptop service center in Kolkata is equipped with modern diagnostic tools that make repairs and replacements quicker and more efficient. All our technicians stay in tune with the latest trends and technologies to give you the best services.

Customized Plans

We avoid generic services and personalize our plans according to your requirements. The services you receive will be unique and fully dedicated to the issue with your laptop.

No Quality Compromises

All our services go through quality checks to ensure your laptop performs impeccably after repairs. Especially when it comes to replacement services, we use only quality parts to replace the damaged components. Our Kolkata technicians know Microsoft’s quality standards and do their best to match them.

Expert Advice

Our team of experts is always ready to give you all the guidance you need to get your Microsoft Surface repaired. Feel free to share any queries or confusion about our services or your laptop’s problems.

Transparent Pricing

When you visit our Microsoft Surface service center in Kolkata, we will not charge you any hidden fees. Our services start only after your approval.

Our Microsoft Surface Repair Services In Kolkata

Component Repairs

If any of your laptop’s components have stopped working, our technicians will repair them and restore their functionality. While diagnosing your computer, we make component-level checks to get to the core of the problem.

Liquid Damage Repair

If water or any other liquid seeps into your Microsoft Surface, it can experience internal damage. We will repair your device and reverse the damage before it worsens.

Laptop Parts Replacement

If one or more components of your laptop become damaged beyond repair, our Microsoft Surface service center in Kolkata will replace them with genuine, high-quality parts.

Performance Optimization

If your laptop is not performing at its maximum capacity, we will assess it and optimize its performance. This will enhance your laptop’s performance and improve your work efficiency.

Personalized Advice And Support

If you need any information about your laptop’s technical capabilities and any issues it may face, our experts will provide you with personalized support. We also give our clients valuable tips on maintaining their laptops.

Customer Reviews And Testimonials

If you do not believe what we say, read about our company and its services straight from the horse’s mouth:

Thank You Abhishek Sir .. timely service i have surface pro 6 battery issue abhishek replace the battery with in 1 hour. affordable service timely service good behaviour. i recommend all costumer please visit they are very professional ..
Good and timely service
Yash Raj Rao
Yash Raj Rao
i have microsoft surface 1769... They replace motherboard with in 3 days very fast & good service .. good staff
Krishna Devi
Krishna Devi
Fast service
pankhuri arora
pankhuri arora
Abhishek Chauhan really helped. Best laptop repair center, reasonable and reliable
Manish Tyagi
Manish Tyagi
Very Good Service. Nice staff. Handle all my concerns effectively.
Aman Saklani
Aman Saklani
i have microsoft surface 1769.. its in battery problem they replace battery with in 2 hour thank you . very best & fast service
Shivendra TechSter
Shivendra TechSter
Top surface repair shop according to delhi is this. fast and quick support and charge premium for premium services.
OnEdge Trading
OnEdge Trading
Great service at affordable prices. Really recommend

Your search for the best Microsoft Surface service center in Kolkata ends here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you help me with data backup and recovery?

Yes, we offer extensive data backup and recovery services. We will help you create a secure data backup before conducting repairs or replacements. Even if you lose your data, we will help you recover it in the best and most secure way possible.

Why should I replace my Microsoft Surface parts with those from your service center?

Our Microsoft Surface service center in Kolkata uses only genuine parts to replace your laptop’s components. After receiving our services, you won’t notice any difference between our replacement parts and your laptop’s components when you purchased them!

What is the cost of your repair and replacement services?

Our repair and replacement costs depend on the problem with your laptop. We will first conduct a thorough checkup and give you a personalized quote about our expenses in the most transparent way possible.

Do you charge any fees for doorstep deliveries?

No, we do not charge any fees for doorstep pickups and deliveries. You need not visit our service center to give or take your laptop. We care about our clients’ convenience and do not hamper their busy schedules.