My Microsoft Surface Heats Too Much—What Should I Do?

Are you also facing overheating issues with your Microsoft Surface? Read this blog to solve Microsoft Surface overheating problems. It’s normal for any gadget to heat up, and a tablet is one of them. Study how to cure Microsoft Surface overheating issues to produce productive results.

My Microsoft Surface Heats Too Much—What Should I Do?

There are many ways to curb the overheating issues of Microsoft Surface. In this blog, I am going to discuss some of the possible ways to control the heat issues on the Microsoft Surface.


  • Buy a cooling pad to keep your Microsoft Surface cool. The cooling pad helps the laptop dissipate heat by providing airflow.


  • Direct sunlight increases the temperature of the Microsoft Surface. Avoid keeping your Microsoft Surface away from sunlight whenever possible.


  • Insufficient ventilation is one more reason for overeating. Make sure that there is no dirt around the vent that blocks the airflow. Clean the dirt found on keypads to avoid overheating issues.


  • Another reason for overheating is outdated applications. Update your Microsoft Surface laptop regularly.


  • Adjust the power setting of the Microsoft Surface. There will be less load on the processor, which will help reduce the heat issues if you adjust the power setting.


  • Update Drivers: Update the outdated drivers regularly. Outdated drivers cause overheating issues.


  • Updating drivers fixes bugs and optimizes the performance of your Microsoft Surface.


  • Unnecessary background applications also cause overheating issues. They put a strain on the Microsoft Surface. Close unnecessary applications if you are not using them.


  • Overcharging: Avoid overcharging your Microsoft Surface. Overcharging causes the battery to overheat, resulting in overheating issues. Overcharging damages the battery’s life as well.


  • Use Core Temperature software, Speed Fan, Rainmeter, Speccyand HWMonitor. These programs track the temperature of the Microsoft Surface.


Follow these tips to deal with the issue of overheating. These tips increase the life of the Microsoft Surface.

Q-1. Why is the Microsoft Surface so hot?

Ans: When a strain is put on the processor, the Microsoft Surface becomes very hot.


Q-2. How do I fix my Surface from overheating?

You can keep your Microsoft Surface from overheating by buying cooling pads, updating applications and outdated drivers, closing unnecessary applications, avoiding overcharging, keeping your Surface in sunlight and ventilation, adjusting power settings, and monitoring the temperature.


Q-3. Which software monitors the temperature?

Speccy, HWM Monitor, Speed Fan, Rainmeter, and Core Temperature. These programs track the temperature of the Microsoft Surface.

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