Is your Microsoft Surface device cracked or damaged? Or are you looking for a replacement for a Microsoft Surface screen? We are here to help you solve all your Microsoft Surface device issues through experts.

If you have a Microsoft Surface device, whether a Microsoft Surface Pro, Microsoft Surface Laptop, or Microsoft Surface Book, we can handle all Microsoft Surface models in India. If you are looking for reasonable Microsoft Surface screen replacement services, we are here to serve you best.

Microsoft Surface Screen Replacement Cost In India

Microsoft Surface screen replacement costs in India are different and not fixed. They depend on the model and the device’s problems. In India, they usually start from 11999/- INR.

Typical Cost Range    

Microsoft Surface ModelsTypical Cost Range
Microsoft Surface ProApprox. 11500 INR
Microsoft Surface StudioApprox. 14500 INR
Microsoft Surface BookApprox. 11999 INR

Above mentioned rates are just approximately cost, not fixed. We provide reasonable rates to our customers so that they can pay quickly. We don’t take any extra charge to re-check after replacement. If you want to know the estimated cost, you can call us anytime.

Factors Influencing Screen Replacement Cost

Device Model: Premium-level devices come with expensive screens; if we replace them, it may affect your Microsoft device when you decide to replace the screen. It could be costly. But we have genuine parts that will give your Microsoft device a pro look without any damage at affordable rates.

Type of Damage: If your Microsoft Surface screen cracks, replacing it may be less expensive than a new screen.

Repair Provider: We will replace your Microsoft screen at a reasonable rate compared to the local authorized service center.

Warranty Coverage: We provide a one-month warranty after replacing the Microsoft Surface Screen. The cost will be reduced if your device shows a problem under warranty.

Authorize Service Center vs. Professional Repair

AdvantagesAuthorize Service CenterNSS Laptop Service
Free Pickup and Drop
Drop step Service
Free Diagnosis
1 Year Warranty
Expert Technicians ✔
Quality Spares ✔

Why Choose Us for Microsoft Surface Screen Replacement in India?

We are India’s certified best Microsoft surface screen replacement services provider. Our services depend on quality, not pricing. Our expert technicians are dedicated to surpassing your expectations in repairing top-of-the-line surface devices like Microsoft Surface Go, Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Microsoft Surface 3, Microsoft Surface Pro 2, Microsoft Surface 2, Microsoft Surface Book 2, and many others.

We Offer The Best Microsoft Surface Screen Replacement Services In India

  • Doorstep Service: We provide Microsoft Surface Pro screen replacement services in India at your doorstep. Your worries about going to our store end up with our doorstep service.
  • Free Pick & Drop: We will pick up and drop your Microsft surface device from your home for free.
  • Expert Team: Microsoft Surface Screen Replacement India offers services with a qualified team of 10+ years of experience.
  • 30-Day Warranty: We offer 1 month’s warranty after our services.
  • Affordable Rates: We are open to discounts, and our reasonable rates will please our customers.

We Replace All Models of Microsoft Surface Screen

We handle a range of models for Microsoft Surface screen replacement repair and service. Our expert team of Microsoft Surface screen replacement can improve your device’s performance. It doesn’t matter what models you have; they can replace the screens of models like Surface Pen, Surface Book, Surface Pro, and Microsoft Surface Laptop, etc…

If you have any Microsoft  Surface device’s mode and are looking for a Microsoft screen replacement, then you can contact us anytime.


Screen replacement for a Microsoft device can be risky, but if you go to a professional, they can replace your screen with the same original parts and give it a new look. A professional service provider is better than a local authority service center. Screen replacement can be more expensive than a cracked screen. If you want to get your Microsoft Surface device screen into good hands, we’re here to help. We can replace all Microsoft screen models with their original parts.

(FAQ’s) Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft Surface Screen Replacement

Can a Microsoft Surface Screen Be Replaced?

Yes, Microsoft surface screens can be replaced by experienced technicians.

How Long You Will Take Time In Microsoft Surface Screen Replacement?

We can repair and replace your device within a day, as it typically only takes us a few hours. However, the duration may vary depending on the specific issues with your device. Rest assured, we will assess the problem beforehand and provide an accurate timeframe before proceeding with the repairs.

How Much Does Microsoft Surface Screen Replacement Cost In India?

The Microsoft Surface Screen Replacement Cost In India starts from Rs 2000 and can vary from screen to screen.

Is It Worth It To Fix A Laptop Screen?

If the cost of repair or replacement exceeds 50% of the total expense of buying a new laptop, setting it up, and transferring data from the old device, it is advisable to forego the repair. Overspending on repairs is not a cost-effective decision.

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